controversial President Donald Trump recently announced his decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement resulting in mixed reactions from all over the world including leaders from every country. According to CNN, they are accusing the United States of disregarding its responsibilities to the planet and of course, to humanity. The Paris Agreement is an accord to fight, control and adapt to climate change. It is actually considered the last resort in saving Earth from the terrifying results due to the effects of Global Warming.

Frustrations all over the world

Brazil's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Environment released a joint statement as well regarding the matter. The Brazilian government is concerned and upset about the U.S. announcement to leave the agreement. They are worried about the potential impact of trump's decision on multilateral cooperation when it comes to global changes.

At the same time Canada, European Union, France, Germany, Mexico, and Sweden expressed their reaction on Twitter.

1.Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said:

2.European Union’s Commissioner for Climate Action & Energy Miguel Arias Cañete said:

3.France's President Emmanuel Macron said:

Paris' Mayor Anne Hidalgo said:

4.Germany's Spokesperson for Chancellor Angela Merkel Steffen Seibert said:

Germany's Head of Social Democratic Party Martin Schulz said:

5.Mexico's Former President Vicente Fox Quesada said:

6.Sweden's Minister for Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström said:

Global leaders mobbed Trump after saying 'no' to Paris Agreement

The agreement was first signed in 2015 at the French Capital Conference and ratified by the U.S.

a year later. While Syria and Nicaragua decided not to sign the accord at first, the majority insisted it was not tough enough. Despite this, the countries in the world signed up for its provisions, Trump declined to join the accord.

The President said on Thursday that the U.S .will get out and begin to renegotiate. “We will see if there is a better deal.

If we can, great. If we cannot, that is fine." Others considered this move to be a reckless abandonment. As expected, the leaders of France, Germany, and Italy were disappointed. They pointed out that the accord cannot be renegotiated anymore. People will soon find out the outcome of this decision. If you have any opinion on this issue, share it in the comment section!