The tension in Syria mounts between the U.S.-led coalition and the Russian-backed Syria as American forces shot down another government drone near the town of Al-Tanf. This is the second Pro-Assad aircraft destroyed by the United States since the start of the Raqqa offensive.

Why did the United States down another Syrian aircraft?

According to a report published by the Washington Post, Pentagon officials said that the Iranian-built drone had "dirty wings," a code term used to indicate an aircraft armed with weapons. The drone was spotted near coalition forces at the Al-Tanf area which is labeled as a deconfliction zone by the United States.

This zone is an area where Syrian government forces are warned by the U.S. to refrain from entering for face destruction.

The deconfliction zone is established to safeguard United States assets that are mounting a major offensive against the remnants of ISIS fighters in Syria. The first leg of the plan is to retake Raqqa, a significant Islamic state stronghold and destroy the morale of the terror group. After the retaking of Raqqa, the coalition will flush out all ISIS stragglers out of the Eastern desert. However, the advance is not going fast enough as U.S. air support wanted due to issues concerning the interference of Syrian aircraft in the area.

What is the reaction of Syrian and its major supporter, Russia?

In a report by RT News, the Russian government denies its consent in establishing a deconfliction zone around Al-Tanf. Moscow labeled American presence in Syria as an affront to the sovereignty of the country and a violation of international laws. However, after the downing of a Syrian Su-22 fighter by an American naval aircraft early Tuesday, Russian support for Assad's sovereignty tightened.

Moscow threatened that all U.S. forces that near Syrian installations, troops, and vehicles will be treated as targets and will be attacked.

This new Russian policy in Syria will drastically affect U.S. movements in the midst of the war against ISIS. However, Moscow is adamant that they will support Assad's government and will provide it with all the help they need to reinforce sovereignty.

According to many political analysts, the tension between the United States and Russia is at an all time low.

The Syrian government is now consolidating its newly acquired territory after their rapid thrust into ISIS lands. The success of Assad's offense is made possible by the overwhelming support of Russia.