On Monday, Democratic lawmakers protested on the floor of the Senate to make known their grudges over moves by the Republican majority to secretly repeal Obamacare. The law was the foremost healthcare system that existed during the administration of former President Barack Obama.

Protest by Democrats

Reuters reports that the Democrats took turns to rebuke the closed door meetings that Republicans have been holding to formulate modalities for replacement of Obamacare. The protesting lawmakers called for the setting up of an open committee and to be given adequate time to consider the bill.

According to Republicans, the bill could be considered within the next two weeks. However, a draft bill has not been presented to the public yet.

The democrats do not have enough votes to trigger the changes by the Republicans, hence the protests to thwart the efforts on a controversial bill. Opinion polls suggest that a majority of Americans disapprove of the bill to replace Obamacare which has passed the House of Representative and awaiting Senate consideration.

Democrats condemn Republicans' action

According to Senate Democratic Leader Chucks Schumer, the action by Republicans in carrying out closed door meetings on healthcare amounts to a conspicuous deviation from the normal legislative norms that have never happened in Congress.

The lawmaker said Republicans were drafting their healthcare bill behind closed doors because they are ashamed. Schummer added that the outcome of such legislation will see millions of Americans unable to afford the cost of health insurance while granting the rich a big tax break.

Senators are not under obligation to hold open meetings, but Democrats maintained that such lengthy committee meetings and several days of floor debate characterized the passage of Obamacare in 2010.

Reuters reports Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rejected calls by Democrats to refer the healthcare legislation to the Senate committees for hearing.

Defense by Republicans

McConnell said Republicans were fully involved in the healthcare closed door meetings and that Democrats will have the opportunity to alter the legislation they produced during the Obama administration once it is presented on the floor of the Senate

The Senate Majority Leader further said there will be a meeting on the Senate floor in which all Senators will deliberate on the bill and everyone will have the opportunity to make input.

Senate Republicans are pushing for a vote on healthcare to be held on or before July 4, when Congress is expected to be in recess. However, there is immense pressure on the Senate Republicans from the right. Conservatives in the House of Representatives wrote to McConnell and expressed their fears about statements that the Senate may alter the House version of the bill.