Today, on June 8, parliamentary elections are being held are being held in the UK. According to experts, "conservatives" and "Laborites" will fight for the leadership. Early elections of the Parliament of the United Kingdom are being held from 7 to 22 hours. The main rivalry will unfold between the Conservative Party, led by Theresa May, and the Labour Party. The main intrigue is whether the ruling Conservative Party, headed by Prime Minister Teresa May, will be able to stay at the helm for the next five years.

To participate in the vote, May arrived in her constituency in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

May also became a candidate for the Parliament, and the results of the vote will be declared on June 9.

Polling in the UK

46.4 million citizens of the United Kingdom have been registered as the voters. The votes will be counted all night long, after the closure of the polling stations, the first exit polls will be published.

In social networks, the British are actively discussing the prospects for the struggle. Many people believe that the "conservatives" have slightly higher chances for a final victory and a majority in the Parliament.

Early parliamentary elections are held in the UK today. It is necessary to elect 650 deputies of the House of Commons - the lower House of Parliament. It depends on the outcome of the vote who will become Prime Minister and will negotiate the withdrawal of the country from the European Union.

The party, which will account for more than 50% of the mandates, will form a new government.

Why does UK need elections?

The current Prime Minister, Conservative leader Theresa May, announced early elections on April 18, arguing that she needs a stronger mandate for negotiations on the so-called "Brexit". Conservatives, according to most polls, remain favorites for the elections, but their separation from the Labour Party has declined markedly during the election campaign.

During the campaign, the Conservatives favored a tough line in the negotiations with Brussels. Laborites, led by Jeremy Corbyn, argue that they will seek to maintain a free-trade zone with the EU. The Liberal Democrats are in favor of holding a new referendum on the Brexit, and the Scottish National Party is in favor of a second referendum on the independence of Scotland.

The campaign was overshadowed by the terrorist acts committed in the past weeks by radicalized Islamic terrorists: an explosion in Manchester on May 22, and the attack on the London Bridge and in the Borough Market area on June 3.