President Trump's first-ever cabinet meeting at the White House on Monday followed reports that the President is looking to shake up his staff soon, some saying that Reince Priebus has until July to get organized or be fired. In the meeting, Trump praised himself for "accomplishing" more in his six month as president than any other president in history, with the exception of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Blasting News also reported that congressional Republicans met up with the President last week to also show that the President's agenda was not being stalled.

Trump believes he's a great president

At least one report by The Hill titled: "Trump says he's accomplished more than anyone but FDR in six months," the cabinet meeting was supposed to show that the administration is "getting things done" even as the weight of the Russia investigation comes down hard with hearings and reports about further developments that special prosecutor Mueller is broadening his probe.

As Blasting News has reported, the President's agenda has been stalled in the courts and in Congress. On Monday, it was reported that a second lower court also ruled against the administration's travel ban with the same opinions determined by the 4th circuit court of appeals. Blasting News also reported on the determination made from the fourth circuit that the administration's defense of their ban should not have anything to do with Trump's original language and view of religious intolerance.

Details and response to round table "praise" meeting

But the reports on the cabinet meeting also showed how narcissistic and how authoritarian the President wants to be seen. During his cabinet meeting, Trump had each cabinet secretary take turns to praise him and his agenda. With Reince Priebus, he praised Trump by thanking him for the opportunity and the blessing he gave them to serve his agenda and the American people.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-New York) -- who happens to be the uncle of comedian Amy Schumer -- mocked the President's meeting with a video posted on Twitter. In the video, Schumer aides are seen showering the Minority Senate Leader with praise.

Of the Senators in Congress, Sen.

Al Franken (D-MN.) and Schumer have either had a career in comedy or have some connection to the industry through a successful comic. President Trump has continued to present himself as a successful president and has been reported to make false statements, "alternative facts" and other gestures to give the view that he's -- to use his campaign slogan -- "making America great again."