The Senate Republicans have rolled out their version of what they called Obamacare Repeal and Replace. No one seems to be entirely satisfied with the work product that was done in secret by a group of senators. The right is calling it “Obamacare light.” The left predictably, is claiming that the bill will kill people. Hot Air suggests that it is all a ploy by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that will lead to something different being negotiated before the expected vote next week.

What does Senate version of the reform of health care reform bill do?

The Senate reform of Health Care Reform is a hodgepodge of provisions. It removes the mandate and most of the Obamacare-related taxes. However, it retains most of the insurance regulations as to what gets covered and the subsidies for individual policies. The Medicaid support money goes away after a number of years. The bill also allocates more money to try to shore up the collapsing exchanges.

Will the bill pass?

In its current form, the rumor is that the bill does not have the required 50 votes, which Vice President Pence as a tie breaker, to pass the Senate. That fact is one reason why the rumor is that McConnell is going to do some more horse trading to refine the bill to get it rammed through.

Plan B may be to let it fail, but then use it as a campaign issue as the Obamacare system continues to collapse.

Why don't we see the free market approach that we were promised?

Two reasons exist why the Senate is not trying to replace Obamacare with a more sustainable Free Market approach to health care. Not one Democrat is going to vote for any reform proposal that comes out of the Republican caucus.

Also, with 52 Republican senators, there are enough moderates to derail anything that takes away the various subsidies and regulations and puts healthcare on a free market basis. Conservatives will rail all they want, however that is the sad truth.

The silver lining

One thing that people who really want to repeal and replace Obamacare is that the system in place is not sustainable and is in a death spiral.

That process will continue whether the current version of Obamacare light passes or not.

The question arises, what is to stop the imposition of a Canadian-style government-run health care system? The answer was found by members of the California legislature when, having conducted an analysis of a state-wide “Medicaid for all” system concluded that it would triple the tax burden of Californians. People may think that “free” health care from the government is attractive. But they will never pay what it really costs. That fact means that free market health care is coming sooner or later. It is either that or ruin.