The Rose Garden was once a paradise of peace and prosperity for The White House. Under the new administration, however, it has become a site for contentious moments. The latest occurred on Friday afternoon, when President Donald Trump hosted a joint press conference. Normally, those moments would open up an opportunity for members of the media to ask questions. On Friday, that's not how events would unfold.

Another awkward time at the Rose Garden

Trump hosted a joint press conference with new South Korea president Moon Jae-In in the Rose Garden on Friday afternoon.

The press conference had major implications in terms of diplomatic relations, as both have the same problem to deal with: North Korea. They discussed the issue, with the American president making bold proclamations about a new era in terms of the treatment of North Korea. President Jae-In also wants to take a hands-on approach to North Korea, but isn't against negotiating with the country.

But when the traditional time for questions came -- and there were sure to be a lot of them -- the two presidents walked away. Reporters clamored to ask questions, but the Rose Garden became a place where more official words were to be silenced. For the second consecutive time, Trump hosted a foreign diplomat and refused to let the press get near them -- or him.

Trump changes the atmosphere in the Rose Garden

This is not the first time something controversial has occurred while Trump has been in the Rose Garden. In fact, it's becoming a regular feature of the day. Back in May, he celebrated the Republican vote on the new health care legislation. The scene felt rather awkward and forced, a celebration with a backdrop of millions realizing that they were on the verge of losing their health insurance.

Then again, that pales in comparison to the scene when Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accords while standing in the Rose Garden. The band played warm summer songs. People in attendance at the press conference cheered, and protesters in the background shouted about the destruction the president was doing to the environment.

It was all very surreal on such a sunny day, for a planet that was going to see fewer of those days as a direct result of what Trump was in the garden to celebrate. The venue has taken on a new tone under this administration, one that is more polarizing and edgy than it was designed to be -- after all, it used to be a place where presidents and reporters would banter, not battle.