The US Navy has completed the search for the seven Crew Members who went missing, after their ship crashed with another vessel. This confirms that all the bodies of the crew members have been recovered. The rescue crew found the missing sailors in the flooded docking compartments.

Seven crew members found dead

The commander of the US Navy’s 7th Fleet, Vice-Admiral Joseph Aucoin, said that: “We have found the bodies of a number of our missing shipmates, and our sincere sympathies go out to the families of those crew members” However, Aucoin did not authenticate the exact number of bodies that had been found inside the vessel.

According to the Guardian, Aucoin said that they were indebted to the affected families, adding that he would lead an inquiry to unearth the cause of the crash. Aucoin acclaimed the Fitzgerald’s crew for their daring efforts that prevented their ship from sinking after its collision with the ACX Crystal.

Aucoin said that, “they barred the ship from submerging, or even sinking, last night. As to how much caution they had, I don’t know. That’s going to be found out during the inquiry, but it was a substantial effect that the crew had to battle very hard to keep the ship afloat.”

A report by the Guardian indicates that the commander of the ship, Bryce Benson survived the crash and was in a stable condition.

However, Aucoin said that, “his cabin had been damaged.” Benson was flown to the US naval hospital, Yokosuka. Two other crew members were also injured and were rushed to hospital for treatment.

The bodies of the deceased were taken to the US Naval hospital, Yokosuka base, for identification. “Families of the deceased are being notified and offered with the necessary support,” the statement read.

Trump praises the Japan team for assistance

President Trump appreciated the efforts of Japan for its assistance in the search task. The President tweeted that: “Prayers and thoughts are with the mariners of USS Fitzgerald and their kin.” The President’s statement came hours after criticism on social media, where he was criticized for failure to comment publicly on the collision.

The search and rescue mission involved the coastguard vessels and Japanese self-defense force, alongside the naval aircraft and USS Dewey. The cause of the accident has not yet been established. According to The Guardian, U.S officials and Japan were deliberating how to conduct the inquiry. Japan is allowed in the investigation because the accident occurred in its waters.