During a meeting Tuesday with top government officials and GOP leaders, President Donald trump addressed the controversies surrounding his top adviser and son-in-law jared kushner’s involvement in the election scandal.

Trump said hilariously that he was not happy Jared was gaining more popularity than him, in reference to the allegations of Jared communications with Russian officials. There was an uproar in the Roosevelt Room as the bigwigs burst into laughter though the House speaker managed to smile.

GOP leaders discuss legislative matters

The Republican leaders met to discuss the way forward on important legislative issues such as health care reform and tax.

The president’s involvement in the ongoing investigations has crippled the effectiveness of their legislative agenda.

The former FBI chief is to appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday to testify to claims that Trump ordered him to abort the Federal investigations into his Ex-Security adviser, in other to put to rest the controversy that has hindered the GOP agenda once and for all. Attempts made by Trump’s administration and allies to block the Comey’s testimony have proved futile.

While on an international tour, top White House officials worked tirelessly to resolve the election crisis. But until now, the crisis is yet to be resolved as Trump handpicks his team of lawyers to represent him in court.

He recently hired Marc-Kasowitz to join the team.

Sources say the case is worse than it appears. The White House is preparing a counter response to present before the committee with attempts to defend it from Comey’s potentially damaging testimony.

The RNC intervention

The RNC has started mobilizing media ads on local and national radio and TV.

RNC spokesperson Ryan Mahoney said the sole obligation of the RNC is to protect the interest of the White House.

The RNC is set to partially center its efforts on presenting the motion that both the Democrats and the Republican have lost fate in Comey.

The RNC has intervened in a time when the White House intends to stay as far away from the Russia probe as possible.

Sources say that the White House is banking heavily on RNC to do their dirty job as they plan to distance themselves from it.

The allegations of Trump campaign officials communicating with Russian officials during the campaign has crippled efforts by the Trump administration to implement Trump’s agenda, putting top government officials under duress.