The Bahrain government announced early Sunday that all Qatari soldiers in the country should leave within 48 hours. This is after Saudi Arabia cut-off ties with Qatar due to its alleged support of terrorist groups and its close relationship with Iran.

Why is there Qatari troops in Bahrain?

The Qatari troops are part of the U.S. led coalition against ISIS. However, due to Saudi cutting off ties with Qatar, the Bahrain government had no choice but to side with Riyadh and also cut ties with the oil-rich nation. As of the moment, the entire Middle East except Iran and Syria had severed diplomatic relationship with Qatar.

Due to the massive military boost provided by the United States, Saudi Arabia is now the most powerful Muslim nation in the Middle East. This forces countries like Bahrain, UAE and Egypt to immediately support Riyadh's decision to cut ties with Qatar and force the country to flush all traces of terrorist support.

The decision came after numerous intelligence reports showed Qatari support of terrorists groups namely the Taliban, Muslim brotherhood and the Houthis, which is now gaining power in Yemen. Saudi Arabia, which shares a solitary land route to Qatar is not comfortable allowing a country that is supporting known terrorist groups to have free access to Saudi lands. Though diplomatic ties have been cut, economic trade with Qatar is not yet affected, yet many fear that in the near future, Saudi will also close trade with the small nation.

What is the reaction of the United States?

U.S. President Donald Trump showed his support on Saudi's decision to sever diplomatic relationship with Qatar. After Trump spearheaded the creation of an Arab coalition that will fight ISIS and Iran, Saudi Arabia wasted no time into fulfilling such a task. However, despite Saudi's "embargo" the United States still concluded its deal with Qatar for the sales of arms and jet fighters.

Though the Pentagon reiterated that the sale will not go against Saudi's policy towards Qatar.

Aside from eliminating the ISIS threat, the United States is also furiously working on limiting the influence of Iran in the Middle East. This is the main reason why the Pentagon is "peddling" arms to Muslim countries opposed to Iran. U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis said that in order for the United States to convince any country in the Middle East to go against Iran, incentives must be set in place.