Russian hacking groups have suddenly become a major factor in important elections because of the sort of havoc one of them wrecked in the US Presidential election last year. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin has categorically stated that the hacking has no connection with the Russian state.

A categorical denial

As the FBI investigation continues over any collusion between the Trump camp and the Russian establishment in the lead-up to the US Presidential election last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin categorically denied that the Russian state had any hand in the hacking that took place last year.

However, he did not deny the United States intelligence establishment's assertion that Russian hacking groups had in fact been responsible for the DNC leaks that damaged Hillary Clinton's campaign. During the interview, Putin stated that the leaks might have been perpetrated by hackers who were patriotic and had decided to teach a lesson to those who speak ill of Russia. Despite the denials, it seems that this is a statement that can be construed as the closest the Russian President has ever come to an acknowledgement that Russians were involved in the DNC leaks.

It needs to be mentioned that the statement has come at a time when the FBI investigation is in full steam and could affect the investigation one way or another.

His denials are hardly believable

In spite of the strong statement issued by the Russian President Putin, those close to the CIA do not believe that the statement should be taken seriously at all. A cyber security professional who has been contracted by the CIA in the past stated that this statement merely gives him a certain degree of plausible deniability in the event of a full blown scandal.

As soon as the results of the election were known, then President Barack Obama and his team were sure that the Russian state had interfered in the Presidential elections. As a retaliation, the United States threw out in excess of 30 Russian diplomats from the United States. Those diplomats, however, could be returning to the US soon following discussions with President Donald Trump's administration.

During the interview, Putin was also all praise for the President, whom he called a straightforward character who spoke his mind. It must be said that at no time in the past has the Russian President been so charitable towards an American President.