Hillary Clinton was defeated by Donald Trump in one of the most dramatic US Presidential elections last year, and ever since the former Secretary of State had claimed that Trump's triumph was the result of Russian interference in the electoral process. Clinton reiterated her stand during an interview, stating that the latest revelations from the FBI investigation vindicates her stand.

Clinton's timely attack

US President Donald Trump is reeling under pressure, following some of the revelations from the FBI investigation into Russian collusion with his campaign, something the President went as far as to call it all a 'witch hunt'.

Hence, it can be said that Hillary Clinton's latest statements regarding her earlier allegations on Russian intervention is a timely one, and would definitely set tongues wagging again. Clinton did an interview on the sidelines of Recode's Code Conference, stating that whatever she and her team had alleged in the past seems to be coming true. She asserted that without the active help of certain Americans, it would not have been possible for the Russians to spread damaging information about her and her campaign. Clinton added, " 'There she goes, "vast right-wing conspiracy," ' now it's a vast Russian conspiracy. It turned out we were right, and we saw evidence of it."

Her allegations were not without merit

The intelligence community had in fact concluded that the Russians did have a hand in crippling Hillary Clinton's campaign and thereby paving the way for Donald Trump's victory last November.

However, the FBI are now trying to find out if there was any direct collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. Some of the details that have tumbled out are indeed quite disturbing. Michael Flynn, who was Trump's National Security Advisor, had to resign last January after his links to Russia were exposed.

On the other hand, the President's son-in-law and one of the key members of his inner circle, Jared Kushner is being investigated about his possible links to Kremlin.

According to several reports, Kushner had been in direct contact with Russian diplomat in Washington Sergey Kislyak and had even asked him to set up a secure communication hotline with Kremlin. These are extremely trying times for the President but he did remember to respond to Clinton's latest comments.The President took to Twittter and stated that Hillary Clinton is still finding it tough to come to terms with the fact that she was a 'terrible' candidate.