Historians doubt that Nero was playing the fiddle while Rome was burning. But by late Thursday, many media outlets will likely come out with a story that while fired FBI Director James Comey was testifying at the Senate Intelligence Committee, U.S. President Donald trump was tweeting. Trump’s tweets are expected to be critical of Comey’s testimony as he is expected to provide details of his meeting with the president. Comey is specifically expected to zero in when Trump pressured the FBI director to drop the investigation of Michael Flynn, the ex-National Security Adviser.

Expect anti-Comey ads

However, Gizmodo reported that besides Trump tweeting, anti-Comey ads will air during breaks. An organization, the Great America Alliance, is releasing the ad to question the competence and integrity of Comey. In the 30-second ad, uploaded on Wednesday on YouTube, Comey will be portrayed as a showboat who is more concerned with being politically correct than battling terrorism.

The website identified the leaders of the alliance as political allies of the president, namely Newt Gingrich and Rudolph Giuliani. The goal of the alliance, which used to be known as Great America PAC, is to advance the narrative of the Trump administration. Tomi Lahren, the spokesperson of the alliance, said it is critical for all American to step up and do all they can to advance Trump’s “America First” battle cry because mainstream media and the liberal establishment has been fighting the president at every turn.

Russiagate worse than Watergate

The ads are part of the White House’s desperate efforts to discredit Comey whose testimony is expected to expose and confirm Trump’s lies to save himself from the Russiagate scandal he has created during the campaign period. The testimony comes a day after a new survey from ABC News found that 61 percent of Americans believe Trump fired Comey to protect himself.

Watergate destroyed President Richard Nixon’s political legacy. But by comparison, Watergate is a baby scandal compared to Trump’s Russian ties and alleged manipulation of the 2016 election, James Clapper, former director of National Intelligence, said on Wednesday in Australia. He cited the continued Pro-Russia stand of the president and described the sharing of intelligence with Russian diplomats as a reflection of his ignorance or disrespect, which are both problematic, Reuters reported.

In pushing with Comey’s testimony, Democratic Virginia Sen. Mark Warner, vice chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, wants to ensure that the public realizes if Congress will not get ahead of the Russian meddling, they will again meddle in 2018 and 2020, Mashable reported.