Comedian Kathy Griffin faces ultimate chaos after participating in a photo shoot that produced images that were both dubious and hostile to current U.S. President Donald J. Trump. The Pulp Fiction star apologized abundantly for allowing the controversial photographer, Tyler Shields, to capture her holding a fake severed head that appeared to have the face of Donald Trump on it.

To add more insult to injury, Griffin has had to endure a difficult situation as it rapidly affected her career and salary. Last Wednesday, CNN reported that it had terminated her contract to host alongside Anderson Cooper in a broadcast scheduled to take place on New Year’s Eve.

The public responds

Soon after the image surfaced, Cooper took to Twitter to express his utter disgust. The picture in question shows Griffin raising up the President’s severed head next to hers with it completely covered in what appears to be blood.

Griffin, 56, recognized her indiscretion and promptly apologized after the photos went viral. However, only saying “I’m sorry,” just wasn’t adequate for the CNN network or the president himself.

The following morning after the image surfaced Donald Trump posted on Twitter that he views Griffin as a sick person for what she did and she should be ashamed of herself. The Independent cited Trump's tweet: “My children, especially my 11 year old son, Barron, are having a hard time with this.


In a report from TMZ, the small child apparently thought the severed head with blood dripping off it was his dad’s. Allegedly, Barron was watching something on TV, and the news followed soon after. He saw the traumatizing photo and immediately began screaming and crying for his mother, Melania Trump.

Griffin loses endorsements

Griffin took another hit and lost a deal with Squatty Potty over the situation. It was an endorsement she expected to get paid big money from too. Bobby Edwards, the CEO of the company that makes the product, vaguely commented that he was baffled and truly disappointed to find out about her behavior.

He referred to her actions with Shields as significantly despicable and claimed they are opposite of what his organization stands for when it comes to integrity.

Griffin signed the deal with Squatty Potty’s advertisement campaign just a few weeks before the whole incident happened. In her apology last Tuesday, Griffin mentioned that she had noted everyone’s response to her picture. She thought it was a comedy and realized that maybe she took it too far.

Statements of regret and apology only get someone a certain amount of forgiveness and little sympathy. When it comes to Griffin, she is dealing with all this fallout but she is going through a difficult time.