Speaking to a crowd in Miami on Friday, President Trump announced that his administration would seek a better policy that would guarantee a better deal for the people of Cuba and the United States. The President made this statement to fulfill his campaign promise while seeking the Cuban vote in Florida. Trump is taking a hardline stance against the Regime that has been supported by former US presidents.

Obama's deal

The former President Barack Obama tried to strengthen the relationship with Cuba by opening an embassy in Havanna and made American tourist who was not allowed to enter Cuba except by special reasons, start trooping in.

The elite Cuban descent politicians against Castro Regime did not support this political change because they think it will allow much inflow of American dollars which will enrich Cuba's repressive Government. The former president did not end the embargo on Cuba because only the Congress can exercise such power, instead, US and Cuba reopened embassy in each other's capitals, signed many agreements to work together on everything.

Trump's policy cancellation

Trump referred to what Obama did as "one-sided deal while addressing a group of Cubans in Miami he said that the reversal shall take effect immediately. In effect, an executive order was signed after his speech, restricting Americans from traveling individually to Cuba but allows group travels for Education or Professional purposes.

The new policy will permit the Treasury Department to screen Americans traveling to Cuba to confirm they comply with US regulations. They will not be allowed to perform any financial transactions with business establishments owned by Cuban Military, the Cuban embassy, and the embassy in Havana are also expected to comply with this new policy.

American Companies will also not be allowed to transact businesses with establishments controlled by Cuban military and intelligence service, only contacts with smaller businesses will be exempted.

Trump said that the move by the last administration has damaged the peaceful democratic movement and brought repression on the Cuban because of only the military benefit from investment and tourism industry.

He began his speech by thanking the Florida politicians present and Cuban exiles who have been blocked from leaving Cuba to attend the event. He showed his disapproval of Castro regime for supporting human trafficking and went on to say that his administration will never close its eye to what is going on.