In an unfortunate turn of events, an off-duty black police officer was killed by his own colleagues in St. Louis while trying to arrests some other suspects. The cop – who was black - had gone over to help some fellow policemen nab three suspects who were also black. At the time of the arrest, the police officer was off duty. He was shot by a white officer who failed to recognize him.

The police noted that the white police officer who arrived at the suspected crime scene saw the off-duty cop approaching the other policemen. The white policeman, without verifying the identity or situation, shot the black officer on the arm as he worried about his safety.

The 38-year-old wounded policeman was then taken to the hospital and was released later. The wounded policeman has been with the law enforcement department for 11 long years.

Cop shot by colleagues

The terrible incident took place when a report for a stolen vehicle was lodged with the department. On receiving the compliant, the cops started to follow the vehicle. However, the suspects who were inside the stolen vehicle open fired on the officer’s cars until the stolen vehicle crashed.

After crashing the car, the suspects abandoned the car and made off from the spot. The officer who was off-duty heard the chaos as the incident took place near his home. He hurried to the spot, carrying his weapon, which is issued by the department.

However, none of his colleagues recognized him and on seeing him approaching with a weapon, ordered him to get on the ground. However a little later they recognized their fellow policeman and let him get up and come toward them. At the exact moment, one more cop arrived and without knowledge of the situation shot the officer who was off-duty, "apparently not recognizing" him.

Were the suspects captured?

The 36-year old policeman who fired the shot has been with the law enforcement for eight years. The cops shot one of the suspects they were originally after on his ankle, subsequent to which he was taken to the hospital. After his wound was treated the suspect was taken into custody. Along with him the second suspect of the stolen vehicle was also arrested.

However, the third suspect remains absconding. The police stated that they are continuing their investigation for his capture and arrest. It remains to be seen if the cops are able to catch the third suspect soon.

The off-duty officer showed bravery, but unfortunately suffered injuries because of a misunderstanding.