Nick Gordon will always be linked to the late Bobbi Kristina Brown. In describing him, her name was attached him as being his ex-girlfriend to identify who he is. According to the news on Sunday, there are reports that Gordon was arrested Saturday afternoon in Sandford, Florida for allegedly beating up his new girlfriend of only two months in a jealous rage and keeping her imprisoned on Friday night.

Police report

The police report states that Gordon and his new girlfriend, 26-year-old Laura Leal, engaged in an argument after watching the NBA playoff game between the Golden State Warrior and the Cleveland Cavaliers at Duffy's Sports Bar in Lake Mary, Florida on Friday night.

After the game, the couple returned to their home in Sanford between 12:30 and 1 a.m. The argument started because Gordon accused Leal of trying to hook up with one of his friends. Their argument became physical that lasted throughout the night while Gordon allegedly held his girlfriend captive.

According to what Leal said, her 28-year-old live-in boyfriend used his closed fist to hit and punch her in the face and on the back of her head. However, Gordon denied that is what happened. In fact, he says he was the victim. He stated that Leal hit and punched him repeatedly throughout the night.

Leal told police that Gordon took her laptop to keep her from getting in touch with her sister via Facebook.

He had already smashed her phone so she could not call for help. In the morning, she ran into Nick's mother's bedroom. Michelle Gordon took Leal to her sister's house. Carla Leal took her sister to the police station where she filed an official report.

Gordon charged

Gordon wanted to press charges against his girlfriend, but he was the one charged with Domestic battery.

After officers saw the black and blue marks on Leal, she was sent to the hospital to be treated. There were no marks on Gordon who was arrested and held without bond on domestic battery charges and false imprisonment.

Nick Gordon is in a lot of trouble. On Sunday morning, a judge granted him a $15,000 bond on the charges of kidnapping and false imprisonment, and $500 was added for the domestic battery charge.

He has been ordered to wear a GPS monitor, and the judge prohibited him from having any contact with his new girlfriend. He is also prohibited from returning to his home.

Photos of the marks on Leal were obtained by TMZ that show a number of black and blue marks on her body. Even though Gordon and Leal have been dating only two months, she told the police that their relationship is a toxic one.