North Korea claimed that the country's ballistic research is close to developing a working ICBM that can hit any target in the U.S. Mainland. The news was published by the Worker's Party Rodong Sinmun, a state-run periodical that focuses on government approved propaganda. Prior to this, the United States had vowed to conduct Preemptive Strikes if the rogue state continues to dabble on nuclear weapons.

What is the details of this alleged new ICBM in development by the North Koreans?

According to the state-run periodical, North Korea's policy is the ultimate collapse of the United States.

It added that the recent missile tests show how close they are on building a working Intercontinental ballistic missile that can strike the America.

Kim Jong-Un previously said that his missile research development is in its final steps of testing Pyongyang's first ICBM, which will usher a new age in his fledgling state.

Though North Korea is bragging its lists of recently tested missiles, it is far from being a major threat to the United States. The last missile launches done earlier this week were cruise missiles though Pyongyang propaganda boasts that they are capable of sinking battleships in the Korean peninsula.

Kim Jong-Un's propaganda machine added that the United States will not dare think to wage war against North Korea, especially now that they have ICBMs that can strike New York.

What is the reaction of the United States?

The U.S. military had successfully conducted an ICBM interception tests, which simulated an actual nuclear missile strike. The interception was executed properly though some reliability concerns over its system must be completely addressed. He added that though the test was a success, there are still areas in the interception system that needs improvement in order to effectively target and destroy intercontinental ballistic missile strikes heading towards the U.S.


As the improvement of the interception system is underway, the United States have relied on older, yet more reliable systems to target missile launches. However, U.S. President Trump had vowed that he will not allow the North Koreans to have access to nuclear warheads and ICBM.

He added that preemptive strikes are a possibility if Pyongyang continues its belligerent stance against the United States. With the continual progress of North Korea's missile program, it may really be that the rogue state is just a few months away from testing its first ICBM in 2017.