The famous National Park is in the news again!

In a tragic incident on Tuesday night, a 21-year old man fell into one of the hot springs of Yellowstone National Park. Gervais Dylan Gatete, a North Carolina resident is a hotel employee in the park. He had severe burn injuries due to the mishap but was out of danger as per the statement was given by the hospital spokesperson. Seven other people were present there when the incident happened and they immediately located the rangers in the park who rushed him to the hospital. If the Rangers were not prompt enough to take action, it would have been difficult to save the man.

Similar accident in the park

The unfortunate incident triggered the memories of a similar occurrence that took place in June, last year when a man in his early 20’s, accidentally fell into the Lower Geyser Basin and was killed by the hot water. The eyewitnesses said that the Young Man had left the boardwalk trails with his sister that triggered the accident. The following day, his body was almost dissolved into the water and could not be recovered as it was too risky for the rescue team. The horrible incident is still fresh in the memories of the local people when the history is repeated once again this year.

What makes the springs so dangerous?

The Yellowstone National Park is situated on the edge of the famous Yellowstone caldera, which was formed when the volcano burst into itself creating a large volcanic crater.

The park is situated in the US state of Wyoming and is a popular tourist attraction for the hot springs and the wildlife. The volcanic activities make the ground and the springs in that area extremely fragile and thermally active. The temperature of the water in the thermal pools can reach up to 93C or 199F which is almost close to the boiling point.

So, despite the scenic beauty and other attractions, the place can be extremely dangerous unless you follow the safety guidelines strictly.

Safety measures for the visitors

To ensure the safety of the visitors, boardwalks and trails have been created in the hydrothermal areas. People are requested to take the trails and boardwalks as the ground is too thin at certain places with scorching water beneath.

Signs and boards have also been put up warning people against the probable danger. So far all the accidents that took place in the National Park are because the victims wandered away from the designated paths. However, the increasing number of visitors over the years is a cause of concern for the park. A little act of negligence can be life-threatening. The visitors need to be extra careful with their own safety and Tuesday’s incident will surely make them more aware.