On the night of Saturday yet another terroristic attack hit the city of London, leaving 7 dead and 48 in critical condition. So far, 12 people have been arrested. After a week and a half from the Manchester tragedy, the UK plunges back into the pain, with London becoming the focus of Europe. The entire attack lasted for eight minutes and was timeless, where people ran and screamed trying to disappear from the place where everything was happening. They took refuge in restaurants or bars that they found along the way.

The terrorists ran over the citizens they encountered along the Bridge, but not only that seemed sufficient: three of the occupants of the van got out of the vehicle to stab the passers-by who were in their path.

The three who got out of the car drove into the city center to look for nightspots to continue attacking. About 22.14 hours, the police corralled the area and fired on the terrorists, all of them carrying a belt with contraptions that turned out to be plastic resulting in the three killed on the spot.

At least 12 suspects has been arrested

At noon this last Sunday, Scotland Yard confirmed that 12 of the suspects for allegedly linking with the attackers on saturday night in Barking to the west of London have been detained.

Many are the testimonies that throughout the day have been arriving or being published in social networks. However, it is not only the ordinary citizens who write about what happened but also the politicians express through Twitter their condolences to London for the attack of the last night.

The President of the United States Donald Trump wrote, “We need to be smart, vigilant, and tough. We need the courts to give us back our rights. We need the Travel Ban as an extra level of safety.”

The attack is not related to previous ones

Prime Minister Theresa May claimed that the attack is not connected with the ones in Manchester and Westminster, happened days and months ago respectively, but that its connection is yet Islamist.

This incident is the third terrorist attack on British soil in just 72 days. London seeks to get ahead but the concerns grow every day more. In her office in Downing Street, the conservative leader also said that the alert for terrorist threat against this country will remain "severe," the second highest level on a scale of five, after having been raised to "critical" following the Manchester bombing.