After six tumultuous years, police say a speculated executioner is finally in a correctional facility after federal investigators gathered his spit from a walkway. Geovanni Borjas, 32, is a resident of LA County. Federal officials charged him last Tuesday for the 2011 murders and sexual assaults of Bree'Anna Guzman, 22, and Michelle Lozano, 17. In police reports provided to the media last week, the DNA in his saliva matched and confirmed both killings. LAPD claim they recouped DNA as evidence from both murder scenes and added that data to all their databases on local and national levels.

At the time, they were unable to retrieve a match. Then suddenly police located somebody in the database with DNA that resembled the kind found at the crime scenes. It was the DNA of Borjas’ dad.

How Borjas' story unfolds

Law enforcement expressed during a media briefing that they arrested the father on several occasions before, which implied that his DNA was already in their frameworks at that point. However, none of his prior convictions were related to sexual assault. His child, on the other hand, barely had a criminal record. So, investigators needed to acquire his DNA some other way because no one had reason to record his in their systems.

In a statement provided by Charlie Beck, the LAPD Chief said Authorities accomplished this task by constantly following Borjas to and from his whereabouts.

He eventually expelled saliva onto a walkway. Specialist recovered it and sent it to labs for further testing. The results found gave affirmation that Borjas was the murderer and rapist who committed the crimes against Lozano and Guzman.

According to Yahoo! News, prosecutors charged Geovanni Borjas, 32, with two accounts of sexual assault and murder.

They also charged him on one account of kidnapping.

Beck addresses the public with a sigh of relief

Chief Beck noted Law enforcement took him into custody immediately after lab tests matched his saliva to the DNA that was present at both murder scenes.

He said during a press conference DNA accumulation at the time of capture enabled his team to associate Borjas to the deaths of the two young ladies.

Borjas pleaded not guilty last Tuesday to the charges he has pending against him.

Los Angeles County’s District Attorney’s Office declared that on the off chance that the courts find him guilty, Borjas faces capital punishment or life imprisonment without parole.