After Jared Kushner’s speech at the American Technology Council’s first meeting on Tuesday went viral because of his screeching voice, it was the turn of his wife, Ivanka Trump, to go viral the next day. Social media sites had a field day making fun of an awkward hug between Ivanka and Sen. Marco Rubio.

The culprit is a photo taken by a photographer of Associated Press using his iPhone. When Rubio saw Ivanka arrive for a meeting at Capitol Hill, he leaned in to hug the president’s daughter. The AP congressional reporter, however, snapped the photo while Ivanka was standing stiff and appeared not to return the senator’s hug, Associated Press reported.

Rubio came from a meeting which discussed child care tax credits and paid family leave, Fortune reported.

Alleged failed hug investigation

As expected, the photo, after it was posted, elicited a lot of comments on social media as netizens poked fun at what looks like a failed hug. Rubio played along with the jokes posted on Twitter by saying he would probe the alleged failed hug. The senator posted that he has his own unclassified photographic evidence to shed greater details on the incident.

Rubio added he would also try to secure multi-angle video which the senator thinks will provide greater insight into the issue.

He posted a blurry image that showed Ivanka’s hand on his shoulder, while the politician smiles.

Among the jokes about the image is Rubio was compared to a “The Simpsons” character, Ralph Wiggum, who did not get a Valentine’s Day card. Another character Rubio was compared to is Dr. Evil from “Austin Powers” who had to ask for a hug from his son.

Not a laughing matter

After netizens posted their comments about the failed hug, Rubio tweeted he left an Intelligence Committee meeting with Ivanka in which the topic was the alleged failed hug. The senator was alluding to the recent Senate Intelligence Committee sessions that heard the testimonies of former FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Jeff Sessions over the Russia collusion with the Trump campaign.

In turn, Ivanka borrowed her father’s favorite words and tweeted what Rubio posted was fake news. Some netizens, however, did not find the exchange funny. Captain Kieran called the joke the worst distraction ever and pushed for the Healthcare Bill, Mashable reported. Tony Posnanski tweeted, “It’s always cute when people take away healthcare and supporting Muslim bans make jokey jokes.” Michael Danish agreed and tweeted: