Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton has publicly expressed her disapproval of Congressman Greg Gianforte’s assault on one of the guardian reporters, she also called out one of the local news stations for its initial refusal to cover the incident.

She said conservative media conglomerates try to interfere with the coverage of newsrooms and that this incident is a clear example. Clinton said the congressman should never have beat-up and push around the young reporter, she made this statement during the annual tech conference hosted by Recode in Ranchos Palos Verdes, California.

U.S congressman charged with assault

She said she had no idea why being asked about his views on the Republican healthcare bill would anger him, the congress republican candidate was later charged with assault on Ben Jacobs the reporter from the guardian.

The congressman later apologized for the manner in which he handled the situation after he initially issued a statement where he blamed Ben Jacobs for his behaviour, Gianforte went on to win the election.

The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee stressed the importance of the internet and those who get their news from the internet but she said that local TV is still very much powerful and that the act by KECI refusing to play an audio file of the incident is terrifying.

KECI apologizes for refusing to air audio file

After much criticism KECI has apologized for its refusal to air the audio file, in a statement released by the general manager Tamy Wagner, they said an unintentional mistake was made and they apologize.

Hillary Clinton was discussing on a number of issues which the congressman’s assault incident in Montana was one of them, the current Russian interference case and where the Democrats plan to step up by 2018.

President Trump, during the 2016 elections was the main focus of most of the media outlets, saturating the media environment with negative and positive reports but the Democrats still pulled through and tried to control the negative news circulating about Hillary Clinton's emails

The former Secretary of State said that the Democratic Party had a lot of work to do in improving its content and ability to build institutions.

She said in every speech she gave she had to say ‘Barack Obama saved the economy and he doesn’t get the credit he deserves’ because people had been given a wrong idea so a different story had to be told.