"Everything Now" doesn't seem like much more than a cliche for a title. It could very well represent how things are coming together for Arcade Fire, however. The band covertly dropped the song online, seemingly through some sort of Russian spammer. While the release strategy is unusual, it falls in line with the sentiments generally provided by a band that could be sending messages about a forthcoming album through social media.

About 'Everything Now'

The "Everything Now" title has begun to circulate in different places. According to Pitchfork, the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona is selling copies of the single; Arcade Fire is performing there on Saturday.

A local record store also uploaded an audio version of the song on YouTube. The band itself also tweeted about a forthcoming announcement on Wednesday afternoon -- shortly thereafter, the band announced an album by the same name.

As for the song itself, there's definitely a funky vibe to it. That's an obvious result of collaborating with Thomas Bangalter, a member of Daft Punk. Consequence of Sound describes the song as being "disco-tinged," an apt way to describe the direction Arcade Fire is leaning in. It will serve as the lead single for "Everything Now" and is the second song released by the band this year, following "I Give You Power," which featured Mavis Staples.

Return of Arcade Fire

When Arcade Fire was last heard from in a significant way, "Reflektor" was winning all sorts of awards.

It went triple platinum in record sales and became a critical darling. Despite their artsy style, the band was hedging dangerously close to mainstream success. Maybe that's why it has taken four years for "Everything Now" to bubble to the surface.

Or maybe it's because the band is in a state of transition. It's hard to keep calling Arcade Fire an indie band now that they've signed a two-album deal with Columbia Records.

They also took two years off from playing a full band concert during the interim period between "Reflektor" and "Everything Now." The Candian rock band has had success since forming in 2001. They've also become deeply involved in social causes, from Haiti to the ACLU, donating funds to the latter from their single "I Give You Power." Their fifth studio album, set to be released on July 28, 2017, will speak volumes in terms of the direction Win Butler and his band will be going in for the foreseeable future.