A new poll conducted by Politico.com shows that Donald Trump's approval rating is at an all-time low. This comes after there were claims that he disclosed sensitive information to Russian officials and that he tried to block FBI investigating former national security adviser, Michael Flynn. Trump's approval rating now stand at 42 percent. A Gallup opinion poll on the 28th of last month also shows that the president's approval rating is at 42 percent. A survey conducted on June the 3rd by Gallup indicates that the approval rating of the presidents now stands at 36 percent.

This is the lowest percentage Trump has ever attained in his time in office. Other opinion polls that have put Trump's opinion ratings at a lower level are Quinnipiac's University late May poll which put the president's approval rating at 37 percent while Monmouth's University mid-may poll put the president's approval rating at 35 percent.

A summary of Politico.com's poll findings

The survey was conducted online between May 12th and 14th 2017 to 2001 registered voters. The poll results were categorized based on people's age, race, education level, and region.

The poll found out that 46 percent of men think the country is heading in the right direction compared to 36 percent of women. 46 percent of whites believe that the country is moving in the right direction compared to 15 percent of blacks. 66 percent of those polled think the country's security is heading in the right direction while only 31 percent believe that the countries healthcare and social security is moving in the right direction.

When it comes to Trump's approval rating, 42 percent approve what the president is doing. Men mostly support what Trump is doing at 47 percent compared to women at 38 percent. 48 percent of whites support what Donald Trump is doing compared to 13 percent of African Americans. The president's approval ratings from his supporters stands at 60 percent.

The results also found out that 18 percent of those who were polled think that the president should be impeached because of how he is running the country while 64 percent believe that he should only be impeached if he commits serious crimes such as treason and bribery.

Why Trump's rating is going down

Trump's ban on nationals from five Muslim-majority countries was seen as a move to ban Muslims from entering the country. Trump was also accused of colluding with the Russian government during his campaigns. Many are also unhappy with the president's immigration policies and the U.S withdrawal from the Paris agreement. The public is also in disagreements with Trump's proposed budget cuts which will impact the U.S antipoverty efforts, Social Security, and Medicaid.