As the pressure mounts on Donald Trump and his administration due to the growing scandals surrounding them, the president has decided to do his best and deflect from the issues at hand. In his latest tweet, Trump shifted the attention onto the Democrats, while promoting a Republican candidate in the process.

Trump on Twitter

Ever since being sworn into office last January, Donald Trump has been backed into a corner over a variety of topics. Whether it's his policy proposals, executive orders, controversial rhetoric, or the growing scandal involving Russia, there never seems to be a lack of issues to plague the White House.

In the six months since he's been the Commander In Chief, the former host of "The Apprentice" has engaged in a war of words with his many political opponents, including, but not limited to the entire Democratic Party. From dealing with the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, to how to handle the future tax code, to accusing the Democrats of a witch hunt against him, Trump hasn't pulled any punches against his opposition. Knowing this, Trump has decided to use his national appeal to spotlight the special election race being held this Tuesday in George to determine who will fill the vacant congressional seat. Democrat Job Ossoff will face off against Republican Karen Handel, in what is expected to be a tough race that could be too close to call in the red state.

As seen on his Twitter feed on June 19, Trump promoted Handel's campaign, while taking multiple shots at the Democrats in the process.

Taking to his Twitter feed on Monday morning was Donald Trump, as the commander in chief did his best to push Karen Handel to victory.

"The Dems want to stop tax cuts, good healthcare and Border Security.Their ObamaCare is dead with 100% increases in P's," Trump tweeted, before adding, "Vote now for Karen H."

Twitter reacts

Not long after Donald Trump sent out his tweet, social media critics fired back.

"The Dems want to stop tax cuts for the Waltons and Koch Bros. And Trump himself said the GOP health care plan was 'mean,'" director Adam Best replied, before taking a shot at Karen Handel. "Karen 'I Do Not Support A Livable Wage' Handel? She's not going to lead to better health care and jobs. Why she's clearly behind in polls," Best added.

"I thought you liked increases in P," Evan O'Connell tweeted out.

"Russia just announced that any U.S. led coalition planes and forces in Syria now have a target on their back. GET OFF TWITTER. GO TO WORK," Mike Rundle wrote on his Twitter account.

"Ossoff is going to Win, Proving that you are destroying the GOP ! Can't wait!!" an additional tweet read. As the backlash continued, it showed that on a local, state, or national level, critics of Donald Trump show no signs of holding back their opposition.