It turns out that President Donald Trump is urging for a big meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump and Putin are all set to meet at the G20 summit next month in Germany. However, some of Trump's advisors do not like the idea of the meeting. That includes some of the officials in the State Department and on the National Security Council.

According to the Hill, Trump wants media access and protocol associated with the meeting. Some of his advisors have recommended conducting a "pull-aside" meeting on the interests of the summit.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are looking forward to the meeting at the G20 summit.

Vladimir Putin's spokesperson says that protocol is secondary

Dmitry Peskov, the Russian President's Spokesperson, stated that the protocol side of the meeting is secondary. That was Peskov's response when he was told about Trump being anxious for a full respective meeting between the two leaders. No arrangements have been made yet for the meeting, but it is confirmed to take place next month.

The former U.S. Ambassador Steven Pifer, said that Trump must make a statement to Putin about the interference in the U.S. election. Trump has to “say to Putin, ’We’re not happy about you interfering in our election." Pifer said.

The Russians meddling with the U.S. election has been a debate for a long time. Steven Pifer further said if Trump does not touch upon the issue, then he is going to get "hammered" by the Congress and the Press.

Trump and Putin's meeting is all about the U.S. election issue?

This meeting will come during various investigations into the Russian interference in the U.S. presidential race.

Pifer also added that Congress could pass sanctions and legislation upon Russia. As far as the meeting goes, they might need to keep their expectations very modest.

The Russian President stated that he has no involvement in the U.S. election. On the other hand, Trump has denounced the Russia examination as a "witch hunt." The assumptions are that both leaders will look past the issue and gain a stronger and better relationship.

With that said, U.S. and Russia will have no trouble in the future as it could open possible ways for business.

Reports also state that once Donald Trump meets Putin most of these issues will be clarified. Russia and U.S. being an alliance will make things better for both countries and supporters of Trump strongly believe that the President will want the same thing.