Airline companies have faced various lawsuits involving their passengers. The industry was placed in a bad light as complaints and lawsuits come one after the other. Lately, Delta Airlines was in the news after one of its passengers went to court to sue the company.

Gabriel Ybarra got pricked by a Needle that was left on his seat pocket. The Passenger said that after he was pricked he bled profusely and because of it he panicked. Right after he got off from the aircraft, he went to a doctor and was advised to take certain medicines. He was also advised to have a series of tests to be sure that he has not contracted any disease.

Ybarra claimed that the medicines had side effects that caused him to suffer for months. Added to it, he declared that he failed to perform his duties to his wife because of his condition.

Passenger pricked by needle in a Delta Airlines flight sues

Delta Airlines, if proven negligent, will be forced to indemnify the victim in an amount proportionate to what he suffered. A representative of the company was dismayed by the allegations of the passenger. He said that it is the airline company’s policy to keep its passengers secured at all times.

The company was previously slammed after a family was removed from a flight because none of them were willing to give up a seat. The incident was caught on video where a crew member told the family that it was a federal offense and the family was threatened to go to jail or the kids put in foster care.

The issue was settled with Delta Airlines paying damages to the family.

Delta Airlines was sued by one woman passenger when the crew did not stop a sexually-deviant passenger from sexually-assaulting her. The $10 million lawsuit was filed by Rhonda Costigan alleging that the crew of the aircraft did not do something about the situation.

The case is currently being heard.

Another passenger complained against the company when the crew members removed her from the aircraft because she asked to use the bathroom. The passenger insisted that she needs to know the reason why. She was told that she was a security threat and may cause an accident because the plane was about to take-off.

The airline industry is redeeming its image

These are some of the instances involving the company’s fleet. On the part of Delta Airlines, it is doing its best to avoid the re-occurence of such incidents on all its flights. The company has indemnified those who have incurred losses or injuries. The airline industry has recently made efforts to revive its ailing image which was tainted by various undesirable happenings during the course of business of the various airline companies.