The Trump administration has proposed a rule of the government's contraception coverage that will possibly deny coverage to women all over the states, who already receive this at no cost under the Affordable Care Act. According to New York Times, this rule also expands the number of employer's and insurers that might qualify for exemptions by making a request for moral religious obligations.

Many women are concerned that they won't be able to afford the Coverage. They're rushing to get the IUD which lasts longer, just in case the new rule passes.

If no religous objections they have, they might get denied or would have to pay the full amount of the cost of the care they already recieve.

During Obama's term, the Obama Administration made a rule that women all over the US can have birth control coverage at no cost. That was part of the Affordable Care Act, signed in March 2010. Obama's goal was for everyone to be able to afford insurance and by not having to pay co-payments for birth control prescriptions. According to a study that Obama's administration constructed, more than 55 million women have Contraceptive coverage. This rule helped women stay safe and also be more cautious about pregnancy. The rates of contraceptive use went up while the rate unplanned pregnancies went down.

Trump is trying to repeal The Affordable Care Act

In order to do this, both branches of the Congress have to agree. The Trump Adminstration wants to repeal the health care because its inexpensive and it actually works. Over the last 5 years, an extensive amount of lawsuits have been filed from different genre of people persuading the Trump Administration to change this act.

Only allowing one or two objections, many women will not be able to recieve coverage at little to no cost. But this rule has not stated that Trump will exempt those employers who will still offer health coverage under Obama's plan.

Religious communities pray against this appeal

Various faith groups are fighting tooth and nail to not repeal the ACA as a whole.

Around 22 million will not have health care if this rule gets passed. According to the Jewish rabbi Jonah Pesner, We the people deserve to have access to healthcare and its better to enhance the healthcare system. Those communities have commanded that the health care system provide the care that their society needs. They believe that every man should receive care no matter the circumstances whether it be food, water, or clothes, or medicine if a person is ill. To their belief, christians and cathlolics, it is cruel and unkind to not provide any kind of care to another human being if they have the means to.

The act to repeal ACA from providing the healthcare they need, can cause millions of women to not be able to receive contraceptive coverage, if so the cost will rise.

In 2013,women with this coverage saved together about 1.4 million dollars. If a woman has contraceptive coverage, and she is not exempt for the religous objection or moral objection, her coverage will be denied or she would have to pay the sum of the coverage provided.