The story unfolded on the Golden Gate Bridge when officers from California Highway Patrol– Marin found a tiny cat on Saturday, trapped in a movable median barrier on the bridge. The concerned officers immediately went to his rescue. Now the kitten has a new temporary home and has been appropriately named Bridges.

Tiny cat found on the Golden Gate Bridge

CHP – Marin headed to Facebook to tell the story, saying they were “very perplexed” to find the tiny cat halfway across the Golden Gate Bridge, but even more surprised that the kitten didn’t get hit by a vehicle along its way.

The post said the cute little cat, which has been given the name Bridges, has a new temporary home with one of the CHP officers, who will take good care of him.

The CHP had received a call at around 2:50 p.m. after a member of the public had spotted the kitten on the bridge. Officers responded, but as they crossed the Golden Gate Bridge there was so sign of the tiny animal. When they made yet another pass across the bridge, CHP officers suddenly spotted a tiny furry head sticking out from inside a movable median barrier near the south tower. The heroic officers then blocked one lane of traffic on the bridge and managed to pick up the cat and take him to safety.

Officers take the kitten to a vet

As reported by the Sacramento Bee, once the cat was rescued, CHP officers had to decide what to do with the little guy. One officer phoned around and eventually decided to take Bridges to the VCA Madera Pet Hospital in nearby Corte Madera. The kitten was examined and had a bath free of charge before being given back to Officer Smith, along with a cat carrier, some medicine and other goodies for the little guy.

During their examination of the kitten, no microchip or collar was found and there was no way to contact the owner of the cat. It turned out Officer Smith had already gotten fond of the little furry guy and immediately offered to foster the cat and to nurse him back to health. After the pet hospital gave the cat so much good care at no charge, CHP – Marin wrote on their Facebook page that they were “absolute rock stars” for being a caring group of people who truly cared for an animal in need of a little TLC.

While Bridges is now happily ensconced at the Smith residence, officers are still trying to track down the kitten’s owner and anyone with any information about the tiny cat should get in touch with CHP – Marin. Until then, the little guy is in safe hands.