The Shooting in Orlando Monday morning happened in a company office. In the shootout, five people were killed, including the shooter himself, said Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings.

As reported by the Florida TV channel Wesh 2, The shooting in the office of Fiamma was arranged by a former employee, shortly before the tragedy - in April 2017 - he was dismissed. At about 8 am on June 5, he came to his former job, armed with a rifle and a knife. At that moment, 12 employees were in the office. A disgruntled former employee opened fire at his ex-colleagues and then shot a bullet through his forehead.

Among the victims, there are four men and one woman. Regarding the workers wounded in the incident, no new information is available. Company Fiamma Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers in the US of awnings for recreation and canopies for cars and vans.

Sheriff statements

Demings said at a press conference broadcast on ABC news that there was no evidence of the involvement of the rifleman in the terrorist organizations.

According to him, this shooting was nothing more than a “workplace violence incident." He also mentioned that, according to available information, "the suspect was previously an employee of this firm and was fired around this April."

As it turned out, he had been fired for beating a colleague directly at the workplace. Then the fighter had not been charged, added Demings.

Apparently, the company and the violator of corporate discipline agreed to part with no publicity of the incident. Local authorities interviewed seven survivors during the shooting.

According to CNN, the shooting took place in one of the industrial zones in the suburbs. In the shooting area, several streets were blocked, the police gathered in a parking lot near the warehouses located close to the scene of the incident.

Orlando, the worst site in the US after 9/11

The incident occurred just a week before the anniversary of the terrorist attack in Orlando when 49 people had been killed and 53 wounded during the shooting at the Pulse nightclub.

The state Governor Rick Scott said in his statement that Orlando community had never been challenged like that before, and he had been briefed by the law enforcement officials on that tragic incident. He and his wife, Ann Scott, prayed for the families who had lost their loved ones and asked all the Floridians to pray for the families of the victims, who had been touched by that "senseless act of violence".