A solitary Afghan commando was killed after wounding seven U.S. soldiers while training in Afghanistan. The incident labeled as an "inside attack," happened inside an American base where U.S. operatives are currently deployed. The attack happened in the midst of the redeployment order of thousands of American soldiers into this Middle Eastern war zone.

How did the inside attack in an American base happen?

According to a U.S. Military spokesperson, the shooting happened at Camp Shaheen in Northern Afghanistan. Details of the attack are still classified but according to reports, an Afghan soldier opened fire on a group of American soldiers in training and wounded seven.

The Afghan soldier was killed after appropriate measures were taken.

The safety of U.S. personnel in Afghanistan is paramount and securing American bases is a major priority. With the deployment of new soldiers, the manpower needed to protect American interests in the country will be much easier. However, even U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis said that America is losing the War In Afghanistan and only a strong and sustained response will avert such a tragedy.

Earlier last week, three U.S. soldiers were killed when an Afghan commando suddenly opened fire in the midst of an operation against the Islamic state. The attack was condemned by the U.S. government, which hastened President Trump's decision to redeploy thousands of American soldiers back into Afghanistan.

The attack also showed the vulnerability of American soldiers in the field and how U.S. controlled territories in Afghanistan are still extremely hostile.

What kind of policy will the United States military adopt in Afghanistan?

U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis said that in order to win the "losing" war in Afghanistan, drastic measures must be taken.

One of these measures is to pressure the Pakistan government into purging its country of terrorist insurgents. According to the Pentagon, the Pakistan Military is, to some extent, supporting Taliban groups that have taken refuge inside its borders. This threat must be dealt with according to Mattis, if the war in Afghanistan is to succeed.

Immediately after the shooting, the Taliban issued a statement praising the attack but didn't claim responsibility. There were no American fatalities caused by the shooting and their relatives have been informed about the situation. In the progress of the renewed offensive against the Taliban in Afghanistan, American troops will be placed again in harm's way.