Sounding slightly defensive at times, in the most recent press conference, Mr. Spicer said, “The President was clear in his Tweet about wiretapping. That spans a lot of options.” Mr. Spicer went on to say that President Trump was not to be taken literally in his claim of wiretapping by Obama administration. He clarified that what Trump meant was general surveillance, not tapping of telephones. Mr. Spicer then kicked it back to the Department of Justice, saying Congress has been waiting for an answer about this from the DOJ, with no response as yet.

KellyAnne Conway speaks

KellyAnne Conway, counselor to the President, told Fox News recently that Twitter is the main way that President Trump communicates, and that he sees it as “the democratization of information.” She also weighed in on the wiretapping controversy by saying that President Trump has already asked both the House and Senate intelligence committees to “add this piece to their investigation of Russia.” Those hearings are set to begin next week.

Alt Right now mainstream for many

There have already been reports that Trump campaign aides were in touch with Russian intelligence prior to the election. The Alt Right, however, has been screaming about the mainstream media, the Congress, and the Senate moving forward on this.

Mark Levin, the Alt Right radio host that started it all with his claims of Obama surveillance, yelled outright on the air, “What is there to cover up?! “ Many are asking now: is the Alt Right, such as Breitbart News and Mark Levin, the new voice of the Oval Office?

Republican party and Trump ratings

All of this comes as the Republican party is attempting to regain favorability in the eyes of the American public.

Latest polls show the Republican party at 50.6% unfavorable ratings, with only 37.2% favorable. This is very similar to President Trump’s poll ratings which have 50.5% of Americans giving him an unfavorable rating generally, with only 43.6% favorable, according to Huffington Post Pollster.