A Twitter user by the name of David Leavitt caused an uproar on the social media platform on Tuesday after sending out an insensitive tweet about the Manchester Arena explosion.

As reported by Blasting News, the explosion occurred on Monday as people were leaving the Ariana Grande concert in the arena, killing 22 and injuring a further 59 people. Leavitt claims to work for various media organizations, but after he sent out his offensive tweet, most have now denied his employment with them.

Freelance writer makes insensitive tweet about explosion at Ariana Grande concert

The offensive tweet in question has since been deleted at the request of other Twitter users, but basically noted that multiple fatalities had been confirmed at the Manchester Arena, followed up with the message that the last time he listened to Ariana Grande he almost died too. He followed up the tweet with another message saying he thought for more than a year that Ariana Grande was a Starbucks product.

A further message read, “Too soon?”

On Leavitt’s @David_Leavitt Twitter profile it lists him as a freelance writer, contributing to CBS, Yahoo!, AXS and Examiner.

However, AXS were quick to note on Twitter that Leavitt is not in their employ and that they do not endorse the “despicable comment.” CBS News also took to Twitter to say Leavitt doesn’t work for them.

WBZ-TV is a CBS affiliate based in Boston and they were reportedly quick to distance themselves from Leavitt by deleting many of his shopping, events and food articles from their platform after the offensive tweet went viral.

They further went public on Twitter to say Leavitt is not an employee and that his “abhorrent comments” do not represent the station’s views. According to the New York Daily News, Yahoo! has not responded to the incident.

Many other Twitter users denounced Leavitt, calling him insensitive and saying he should be fired.

Others said the tweet was a “massive error in judgment.”

Leavitt apologizes for his offensive tweet about Manchester Arena explosion

As noted by the Mirror Online, following the backlash from his insensitive tweet, Leavitt returned to the social media platform to apologize for offending people. Saying he “didn’t realize the magnitude of the tragedy,” he noted that he always makes stupid jokes about whatever is trending in the news. He did send the condolence to the families of the victims.

In the meantime, British police are investigating the explosion at the Manchester Arena and are treating the incident as a terror attack. Ariana Grande is heartbroken over the loss of so many lives and has reportedly canceled the balance of her European tour.