Donald trump is back to tweeting as his trip abroad winds down. Today at the G7 meeting in Sicily Trump boasts on Twitter that his trip has been a great success. He claims, "We made and saved the USA many billions of dollars and millions of jobs." On Twitter, there was an avalanche of verbal and graphic tweets that contradicted his assertion.

The tweet president

Last week the president travelled abroad, primarily to states where the three Abrahamic religions are prominent. There were virtually no tweets from Trump. As we draw closer to his return to the West Wing we meet the tweet president again.

Baffled handlers

This fact is not pleasing to his inner circle of family, friends, counselors and lawyers. All week there were leaks to the effect that Trump is being eased away from both tweeting and watching hours of TV. But like clockwork, the president disappoints his handlers. They cannot handle him. Things slip through. Just yesterday a seemingly hidden Trump slur surfaced in Germany, calling their people evil for car selling practices. Now the president has his hands on the smartphone and there is nothing the West Wing can do.

Feedback was instant starting with a series of graphic retorts.

This is mild compared to the following.

On the verbal side, Tony Posnanski tweeted:

We lose


There is much more including the following.

And now

President Trump is at the end of his trip. His reception in Europe was, in fact, cool, hardly successful. Expect some tweets from the West Wing that will be aimed at President Obama who racked up major praise for his simultaneous visit with Angela Merkel in Germany.

Today the media is filled with notes about Steve Bannon regaining a foothold in the White House. The Senate is still having its problems dealing with a health care bill that the Congressional Budget Office has scored and found wanting.

War Room

FOX can be relied on to tell us what is on the President's mind and it will not be further boasting about a trip that raises more questions than it answers. He will instead revert to one of his favorite pastimes which is playing Russian roulette. This would seem to be an apt description of his real or self-inflicted torment stemming from his love of Flynn and Putin.

It also gets headlines.

Either there is a lot there which we may or may not know Or this is another Trump feint designed perhaps to conceal the fact that he is making millions from Chinese endorsement revenues or planning to bring Iran to its knees with help from his vaunted military. No success for us for us to speak of. Substantial peril and hurt. But never a dull moment.