After Fbi Director James Comey was surprisingly fired last week by President Trump, the big question has been: who will replace him? With a 20 year history in the justice system at both the state and federal level, South Carolina representative Trey Gowdy seemed like a fine choice to replace Comey in the position. Gowdy also serves on the House committees for ethics, intelligence, oversight, and judiciary, as well as being the chairman of the Subcommittee for crime, terrorism, and homeland security. Even with this impressive resume, Gowdy has personally removed himself from the shortlist for consideration for the FBI Director position.

Gowdy thanks law enforcement

In a statement released on his Twitter on Monday, Gowdy took the time to explain why he removed himself from consideration for FBI director, stating that he was out of country when the news broke about Comey. He went on to say that he discussed the job with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, providing Sessions with a list of qualities he believed an effective FBI director would need to possess, followed by the insistence that he was not the man for the job.

Additionally, Gowdy included a touching piece in his statement, referencing his adoration and respect for law enforcement and the justice system.

He spoke to the need for the American people and the public to respect the justice system and to have the system "be worthy of our respect." Gowdy went on to say that the next FBI director must be able to unite the country and strive for justice and truth; a tall order considering the current political climate.

Gowdy had support on both sides

When the Short List of candidates was being compiled, other politicians and lawmakers obviously had their own ideas on whom they would like to see take over the position of FBI Director. It seems like Gowdy had the support of some Democrats, even as a Republican, with Democrat former SC House Representative Bakari Sellers tweeting his support.

Who's left on the short list?

With Trey Gowdy out the question is, who is left on President Trump's FBI Director short list? Many are calling for the President to go for an individual without a political background, which would prevent any political agendas from getting in the way. The short list now contains 8 names, with many of those candidates being interviewed over the weekend.

A front-runner for the position seems to be Senate Republican whip John Cornyn. He would have the support of all Republican members of the Senate, which would be helpful, seeing as the nominee would need majority support (50 votes).

What isn't appealing about Cornyn is his partisan background; Democrats will want to see a candidate that will unite the Senate, as well as the rest of the government.

The current acting director of the FBI, Democrat Andrew McCabe, has been called the most seamless and least disruptive choice for permanent FBI Director. He is committed to seeing the Trump/Russia investigation followed through completely, stating that the probe is, "protecting the American people and upholding the Constitution." McCabe's downfall could be his seemingly close ties to Hillary Clinton. A close ally of Clinton, Virginia Governor McAuliffe, supported Andrew McCabe's wife in her run for Virginia state Senate as a Democrat last year.