Former US presidential candidate #Hillary Clinton announced the creation of a new political organization to support the initiatives she put forward during the election campaign. The official website of Onward Together says that its task is to promote ideas that were supported by the nearly 66 million people who voted for Clinton, and, in general, "progressive values" in the recent election. The election campaign of the ex-Secretary of State featured the slogan: "Stronger Together." According to Fox News, creating a new organization means that "Clinton has officially returned to politics."

In the election of 2016, Clinton scored 65.8 million votes, while Donald Trump received 62.9 million, but in the end, Trump won -- largely due to the Electoral College system.

The goal of this new organization seems to be to counter the policies of Donald Trump.

Hillary on Twitter

Clinton herself reported through social networks that she will inspire people to get involved, organize, and even participate in the elections. Hillary Clinton, who is a very famous democrat, launched the new independent political organization with the help of former President #Barack Obama, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and 2004 Democratic nominee Howard Dean.

With the support of all those that voted for her during the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton believes that the engagement of all citizens is very important to the democracy of the United States.

She also decided to support several organizations as well, including:

  • Emerge America -- an organization that assists female politicians
  • Color of Change -- an organization that fights for criminal justice reform and racial justice for minorities
  • Indivisible -- a group that is dedicated to mobilizing the "resistance" against Trump's policies
  • Run for Something -- a youth movement

In her series of tweets on Monday, Hillary Clinton also mentioned that this year has not been what she envisioned, but she knows what she is still fighting for: a kinder, big-hearted, and inclusive America.