In statement released by China’s Defense Ministry, the USS Dewey received stern warning after it entered their waterways without permission.

"We are strongly against the US attitude of displaying force and flexing regional militarization, and have matched with appropriate representation to the US side", according to the statement released by the spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Defense Ren Guoqiang.

Pentagon's reaction

Pentagon Spokesperson Captain Jeff Davis told reporters that they operate around the Asia Pacific Region on a daily basis which includes the South China Sea.

“We operated in line with international law, we carry out operation on air and in waters and go wherever international law permits”, he said.

Two Chinese J-10 fighter jets carried out unsecured maneuvers in the process of intercepting a US surveillance plane that was flying within international airspace close the South China Sea, the US Navy said

The event happened Wednesday and was the second most antagonistic action involving the US and Chinese jets in past weeks.

US to formally complain

In a statement by a US official, a Chinese fighter jet was sighted flying around 200 yards in front a US P-3 spy aircraft and exercised multiple turns. The maneuvers were considered unsafe due to the limited ability of the Navy plane to fly, the US official said.

Gary Ross, a Navy Commander confirmed that the actions of the Chinese fighter jets could be described as “unsafe and unprofessional” but pointed out that the United States continues to review the details of the event and will transmit its worries through appropriate means to the Chinese authority.

US operation in region

US military conducts exercises in the Asia Pacific region daily, including the South China Sea, Ross explained to reporters.

All exercises are carried out in line with international laid down laws and shows that the US will fly, sail and maneuver wherever international law permits, he added.

China described the US narration of the incident “inconsistent with the facts.” The Chinese Ministry of Defense explained that their jet's operations were of professional standard and safety, and in line with military principles and laws.

The defense ministry also asked US officials to take drastic steps to correct its errors and prevent similar incidents.

The US military recently sent multiple ships and aircraft to carry out operations in waterways and international airspace facing China, breaching on our sovereignty and placing the lives of our frontline personnel from either side in danger, according to a statement by the ministry.