The founder and former CEO of Fox News, Roger Ailes, has died. In response, social media users quickly responded to the news with the topic trending on Twitter.

Roger Ailes passes away

For over 20 years, the Fox News Channel has dominated the cable news air waves. Seen as the conservative alternative to the mainstream media, Roger Ailes was able to help build an empire that catered to Americans holding right-wing political views. Whether it was long-time mainstays like Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly, to the more recent stars like Tucker Carlson, the network was able to create a brand that stood out from the competition.

Due to this, the channel has remained at the top of the ratings chart, routinely bringing in the best numbers in comparison to its competitors like MSNBC and CNN. However, the Fox News has had its fair share of problems, most notably the sexual assault scandal that forced Ailes to leave the network last year. The culture of sexual harassment spread beyond Ailes, with now former host O'Reilly being forced out earlier this year due to similar allegations. On Thursday, Ailes died at the age of 77, and the reaction to his passing was mixed. While many conservatives praised him, Ailes became a target of more liberal Americans, as seen during a series of Twitter posts on May 18.

Roger Ailes' wife Elizabeth released a statement shortly after his death was announced, stating that she was "profoundly sad and heartbroken" by the news, referring to her husband as a "patriot" who was "profoundly grateful" to live in the United States.

On Fox News, network hosts and anchors shared similar sediments, but that wasn't the case on Twitter.

Twitter reacts

In response to the news that Roger Ailes had died, liberal critics of Fox News and its founder didn't hold back their thoughts, targeting his history of alleged sexual assault.

"I'm gonna need a shitty drawing of Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Pepe the Frog crying over Roger Ailes' grave and I'm gonna need it now," film critic David Ehrlich tweeted out.

"Yes, Roger Ailes was a TV genius.

He also had an apparently monstrous personal life and nasty, dangerous editorial instincts," political editor Sam Stein added. "Sure Roger Ailes is dead, but he promises to live on forever through Bill O'Reilly's sexual harassment lawsuits," comedy writer Michael Blackman wrote.

"RIP Roger Ailes, had a shart attack groping a Denny's waitress.

Survived by 10 million insane retirees who think vaccines cause sharia law," another Twitter user wrote. "(He) was a sexual predator, and did his very best to poison our politics. His life is a stain on America," MTV News' Jamil Smith stated. The backlash continued, as it was made clear that even after his death, Ailes remains a controversial and divisive figure in American politics.