On May 10, President Trump deposed the Fbi Director, who was investigating former security adviser Michael Flynn. Thereafter, the NYT article where "Trump had asked him to abandon (the) Flynn investigation” left many eyeballs squinting with anguish and journalists in a frenzy. In fact, a few senators managed to get away from the crowd of journalists, but Dave Brat got trailed. He responded to the string of controversies, by stating that he was more concerned with the press reporting the news in detail. Another group of journalists managed to circle Steve Scalise and Louie Gohmert, who disagreed with the allegations as they felt that it was a fake story.

Isn't it ironic that the news arrived exactly a week after Trump expelled Comey, and a day after he allegedly revealed information to Russian officials? The factual revelation by CNN increasingly shocked the Republicans, as did other emerging scandals from the White House.

Republicans plead peace from the White House

Clearly, many Republicans have already reached a breaking point with President Trump. The president may have not revealed the source of the information, but CNN found out from intelligence officials that Russia is capable of figuring that out. As Pierre Boiste rightly quoted, “There are crimes that are never forgiven, like treason”.

The Guardian suggested in a White House meeting last week that President Trump could have shared important information.

For the record, the most classified information is passcode protected by SAP, under requisite security protocols. It is still not clear if the information was general or classified. White House reporters and Dina Powell cited that during the president's meeting with Lavrov, they spoke about many topics, and none of them were classified.” Nonetheless, President Trump is facing countless calls after the current trail of allegations.

On the other hand, Russian president Vladimir Putin has offered to release transcripts of the meeting.

Mr. Trump reacted: “A thorough investigation will confirm what we already know,” and there was no scheming between Election Campaign and Russia. Regardless, Robert Mueller, a former FBI director, will now oversee the links between Mr.

Trump’s election campaign and Russia.

Interesting facts about the Presidential campaign

  1. Daily Express cites that Mr. Trump’s campaign made contact with Russia at least 18 times for the election race, a new report has claimed.

  2. Likewise, a new report suggests that Mr. Flynn and the Russian ambassador had an alleged conversation about setting up a back channel for secret communication.

  3. Republican Kevin McCarthy suggested that money had exchanged hands between Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump before the presidential election.