When a child gets hurt, it puts the Parents under stress. Even if it is a minor wound, parents hate to see their child in pain. This is the unconditional love of parents for their children. The story of this Montagues family is no different. At first glance, the family appears to be completely perfect. But as you look deeper into their story, you come to know there is something absolutely wrong.

Mark and Annie, the parents of two beautiful 11-year-old twin sons, love spending time on sandy beaches watching their cute Twins playing with the waves.

They appear to be a perfectly happy family until you notice the padlocked doors in their home in Southeast England.

This eccentric wooden house, across Mark and Annie’s home, seems awful and contains nothing in it but a table, a couch, a couple of chairs and an old painting hanging on the wall. This spooky-looking tiny house reveals the entire story of the Montagues family, and it is quite heartbreaking. It is the place where their lovely twins sleep. The 11-year-old twins live in this detached ramshackle structure with padlocks on the doors. It turns out that Mark and Annie are keeping their cute twins in that tiny house because it is in the favor of their kids.

Why those twins sleep in padlocked house

In 2006, when Annie gave birth to the twins Samuel and Jacob, Annie and Mark found something was wrong with them. Their behavior was unusual. They seemed to feel no emotions and were not able to connect on an emotional level.

At the age of 2, the doctors diagnosed the twins with severe autism.

They were becoming more violent with their growing age. Several times, they ran away from home. To prevent this, Annie and Mark surrounded the property with a high fence and chicken wire.

Why it is necessary for kids to sleep there

Annie and Mark tried every treatment and gained no effective outcome. Professionals advised the parents to put their children in an institution, but the love of the parents for the twins denied the doctor’s suggestions.

Later, they found the Son-Rise program; since then Mark and Annie have seen a drastic change in the behavior of their adorable twins.

This “prison-like-structure” helps the parents protect their lovely kids. It has also improved their behavior. People think Annie and Mark are bad parents who keep their kids in that tiny house until they learn the true story.