As reported by Blasting News, not everyone is happy about the “Fearless Girl” sculpture, which continues to stand in the Financial District, staring down the iconic Wall Street “Charging Bull.” One New York sculptor has taken his rage to new heights by coming up with a new artwork, representing a small dog lifting its leg and peeing on the “Fearless Girl’s” left leg. Alex Gardega has titled his work “Pissing Pug,” positioning it just perfectly to take aim at the feminist statue’s leg.

‘Fearless Girl’ is a publicity stunt, not feminism

According to The New York Post, Gardega told them that the “Fearless Girl” statue was placed opposite Arturo Di Modica’s famous “Charging Bull” merely as a publicity stunt, aimed at promoting a financial firm in Boston.

According to Gardega, the statue has little to do with feminism and more to do with disrespect of the artist who created the bull statue. He added that the bull has integrity.

While the “Pissing Pug” looks a little thrown together, Gardega said he made it that way, in order to get even more revenge on the “Fearless Girl.” He said his decision was to make the statue look “crappy” to further downgrade the “feminist” sculpture. Gardega added that this is exactly what the “Fearless Girl” is doing to the famous bull.

‘Pissing Pug’ not popular with the ladies of Wall Street

However, many female pedestrians in Wall Street on Monday reportedly stood up for the “Fearless Girl,” saying the statue represents women taking a stance on Wall Street. Many dubbed the “Pissing Pug” as misogynistic. The Post quotes one fan of the feminist statue as kicking the new dog statue as she strolled by, calling it an “a**hole move" and asking if anyone could call it art.

Send in the clones

In fact, the feminist piece of art is so popular with the ladies after it was installed to celebrate International Women’s Day this year that it now has a clone in Sacramento, Calif.

The Daily Good reports that the doppelganger statue was installed at the Democratic Party’s headquarters and has been dubbed “Persist.” Reportedly two anonymous donors paid $16,000 for the work of art.

‘Charging Bull’ artist suing over ‘Fearless Girl’

However, Di Modica, the creator of the “Charging Bull,” isn’t particularly fond of the “Fearless Girl” either. He is reportedly suing State Street Global Advisors, the company responsible for placing the feminist statue where it is, for trademark and copyright infringement.

However, he reportedly would not comment on the addition of Gardega’s “Pissing Pug.” Meanwhile Kristen Visbal, the artist who created the “Fearless Girl” statue also wouldn’t respond to any requests for comment on the latest addition to the ongoing scandal.

As noted by Blasting News, Mayor de Blasio extended the permit for the controversial statue to continue her stare-down of the iconic bull in the Financial District until at least March 8 next year. How long the “Pissing Pug” will keep his stance is currently unknown. Maybe a fan of the feminist sculpture will come up with an artwork of a pigeon, pooping on the pug’s head?

In unconfirmed news via Twitter, the "Pissing Pug" may have already left the scene of the ongoing artistic battle.