Since the start of his campaign for president, Donald Trump has often come under fire for his questionable comments, policy decisions, and rhetoric and tone. After three months in the White House, the president is still facing backlash from the media.

MSNBC on Trump

It all started when Donald Trump first announced his candidacy for president back in June 2015. The former host of "The Apprentice" spoke about his plans for illegal immigration and labeled those coming from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers." In the two years that have followed, Trump has made various comments that have rubbed many the wrong way, with much of the mainstream media reacting negatively towards the commander in chief.

Since being sworn into office last January, Trump has been forced to deal with growing backlash against his presidency. From the Russian scandal, in-fighting within his own administration, controversial executive orders, and questionable foreign policy decisions, Trump can't seem to get on the right path. While being interviewed by the Washington Examiner on Sirius XM radio earlier this week, Trump spoke about the Civil War, but made comments that left many scathing their heads, including one host on MSNBC on May 2.

During the Tuesday morning edition of "Morning Joe" on MSNBC, co-host Joe Scarborough didn't hold back his thoughts on Donald Trump and his most recent remarks. Trump first questioned why the Civil War took place, before claiming that former President Andrew Jackson was very upset about the war in question.

Fact-checkers quickly noted that Jackson couldn't have been upset about the Civil War at the time because he died in 1845, 16 years before the war even started.

"My mother’s has had dementia for 10 years," Joe Scarborough said, before adding, "That sounds like the sort of thing my mother would say today." Not stopping there, Scarborough then went on to compare the president to a child.

"That's something that a 5-year-old might ask," he noted, while stating, "that's not anything that any grown up that I have been around in my entire life would ever let pass from their lips."

Moving forward

As expected, Donald Trump did his best to clarify his comments with a tweet on Monday night, but it did little to convince critics.

The billionaire real estate mogul's remarks about the Civil War only adds fuel to the fire for those who oppose him, further highlighting the argument that Trump is not prepared or qualified to run the United States.