immigrants, Unions and affiliated associations will march across cities in the United States on Monday and protest against US President Trump’s anti-immigration policies aimed at boosting deportations. The protests coincide with May Day celebration.

May Day protest

Thousands of immigrants and their affiliates are to rally in densely populated cities including Chicago, Miami, New York, Seattle, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, etc. In most cities, activists have asked people to boycott work, school, and outing to display the important roles immigrants play in American communities.

Workers union traditionally mark May 1 as workers day to press on their rights in most countries around the world, but the day has become a marching time for immigrants in the United States who uses it as a means to register their grievances against anti-immigration policies. The first massive immigrant demonstrations took place on May Day of 2006 against unfavorable immigration enforcement bill.

Alliance against Trump policies

Immigrant rights protest has been at the lowest end in recent years, as groups have rather shifted their focus on voter registration and lobbying for elections. Multitudes of people are expected to rally heavily this year as immigrant organizations have formed an alliance with Muslim groups, women’s advocates and many others in their firm opposition against President Trump administration policies and programs.

Trump’s aggressive immigration enforcement pursuit has become more pronounced as his administration approaches its first 100 days in office, including his executive orders authorizing the construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and a ban on immigrants from six predominantly Muslim nations. The Trump administration has illegally arrested thousands of immigrants in the country and threatened to limit funding for local and federal immigration authorities.

Formidable opposition

Local leaders have vowed not to relent in their effort to fight back and engage in civic participation to deter the government anti-immigration policies. The move has recorded a massive boost including “Day Without Immigrants,” the travel ban and sanctuary order that was temporarily stopped due to legal challenges.

Apart from rallies, an immigrant rights activist in cities across Indiana, Texas, Massachusetts and other parts of the country are demanding for strikes to show Americans the need for immigrants’ labor and purchasing power.

Immigrants activists believe that their message will reach the Trump administration, lawmakers, and the general public, and provide a united front for those against the government’s hard stance.