It is unknown how former First Lady Michelle Obama managed to tweet out the number of the former White House intern, but her action was reportedly accidental. Obama sent out a brief tweet which listed only the phone number – with no other text – and while the message was swiftly deleted from her @MichelleObama Twitter account, many of her 7.7 followers on the social media platform had already spotted it, no doubt rubbing their hands with glee before taking to their phones.They just had to know whom that number belonged to.

According to an official working with the Obamas, the tweet was purely accidental and was not the result of any hacking attack.

Duncan Wolfe’s voice mail was full after Michelle Obama’s tweet

Duncan Wolfe’s voice mailbox was full on Friday, as is to be expected when a former First Lady hands out your number to millions of her followers. The New York Times reported they had given the number a try and Wolfe’s name came up in the voice mail greeting, followed by the fact that Wolfe was “not available right now.” They report the number also matches the number listed on Wolfe’s own business website.

Wolfe worked as a ‘digital content strategist’ for the White House

The Times quotes a bio on the Chicago-based One at Optimus website that states Wolfe was an intern at the White House and had been called back to their offices as a “digital content strategist,” tasked with documenting U.S.

President Barack Obama’s last year in office. Among the content on the video production company’s website are videos, including an interview with Obama in the Oval Office, along with a video of Michelle Obama’s trip to Africa relating to her “Let Girls Learn" program.

The New York Post reports that Obama was in New York City on Friday to celebrate National College Signing Day, an event held to encourage high school students to push for higher education.

Other embarrassing messages from politicians on Twitter

There have, of course, been far more embarrassing incidents of someone involved in politics tweeting out messages that were supposed to be kept under wraps.

In fact, it’s not even the first time someone in politics has widely broadcast a phone number on Twitter.

However, in U.S. President Donald’s Trump's case, it was completely intentional. During a rally in 2015, Trump tweeted the cell phone number of one of his fiercest critics, Senator Lindsey Graham, which led to Graham having to destroy her phone.