Donald Trump has concluded his first foreign trip as commander in chief which resulted in daily criticism and mockery from those who oppose the current administration. After First Lady Melania Trump tweeted about returning to the United States, social media users were quick to fire back.

Melania on return home

It was just over a week ago when Donald Trump, Melania Trump, and members of the administration made their way out of the United States to embark on the president's first international trip. From the day the former host of "The Apprentice" touched down in Saudi Arabia, he received endless trolling.

Whether it was his controversial speech on terrorism to Saudi leaders or dancing during a welcoming celebration, Trump faced backlash that continued for the rest of his trip. Trump went on to stop in Israel where he met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as visiting the Vatican in Rome where he had his well-documented and controversial meeting with Pope Francis. Trump went on to engage in meetings with several world leaders, before announcing that he would delay his decision on the Paris climate accord, leaving the United States as the only G7 nation to do so. During the trip, Melania was also present, making headlines after being caught on two different occasions snubbing her husband's attempt at holding hands.

As seen on her Twitter account on May 27, Melania posted an exit tweet as the trip came to a close.

Taking to her Twitter feed on Saturday, Melania Trump seemed happy with how the trip went.

"(Donald Trump) & I are heading home after a very successful first International trip," Melania tweeted, before adding, "Thank you to all of the host nations for your hospitality!" The First Couple continues to come under fire from their critics back in the states, especially as the scandal surrounding Russia and son-in-law Jared Kushner heats up.

Twitter reacts

Responding to Melania Trump and her tweet about the conclusion of the foreign trip, critics on social media didn't hold back their thoughts on the first lady and the billionaire real estate mogul. "'Very successful.' Must be nice living in a bubble of make believe," one Twitter user wrote.

"You know very well that's a lie, we were the laughingstock of the world with y'all.

You must live in an alternative world," another tweet read. "Does it make you want to vomit holding that tiny, tiny hand? You ought to just flick it away!" another social media rhetorically asked.

"Are you guys out of your mind? Successful??? Guess you didn't have access to internet back there?" another tweet pointed out.

"'Successful'. 'Dumpster fire'. I guess they're the same thing," a social media user wrote in response to Melania Trump. As the negative reaction continued, it was made clear that the partisan divide in the country was not going to end anytime soon.