What with horrendous videos streaming on Facebook Live, the social media platform always seems to be in the news these days. On top of this, everyone knows of the many glitches suffered when using Facebook, especially when they update their platform or add a new feature.

However, this time a glitch turned out to be a funny one when a closed-captioning tool malfunctioned while the social media platform’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg was delivering a Commencement speech.

According to Buzzfeed, while many blamed Facebook’s closed-captioning for the problem, it turned out it was the fault of Harvard University's closed-captioning system instead.

While it wasn't the fault of Facebook, it does sort of remind one of the many glitches that interpretive text causes when using cell phones, when totally the wrong words come out of your thumbs.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg delivers Harvard University commencement speech

The incident happened when Mark Zuckerberg was honored by delivering the commencement speech at Harvard University on Thursday. Video clips of Zuckerberg’s speech soon went viral on social media, all for the wrong reasons. It wasn’t Zuck's words that caused virality, but the hilarious closed-captions that appeared on Facebook Live.

Have you got a ‘CECEOKOK’ login?

Viewers were treated to the news that “CECEOKOK” wasn’t the first thing Zuckerberg built, leaving everyone wondering what on earth he actually meant.

Many took to Twitter to ask if any other users still had a working “CECEOKOK” login. While misspelling Facebook was possibly the worst error the closed-captioning system could come up with, "I know yuo got a apepe c cmumunity" is still a mystery that is totally undecipherable.

Zuckerberg was also thrilled that he “h heouou” the courage to go into business.

While speaking of his parents, the Facebook CEO went on to tell the graduating class of his alma mater that “sweaea gtiti io” Harvard was the best thing that happened to him.

As noted by Teen Vogue, his being accepted at Harvard was something his folks were proud of.

Reportedly Zuckerberg wasn’t “feelingorryoro” for himself at the time.

During his speech, he encouraged students who are trying to fill a “voidd inn” their lives, prompting one Twitter user, Mike Murphy, to say he loves staying at the Voidd Inn when he’s in town.

Luckily Twitter users kept the spirit of the closed-captioning errors alive by posting the series of tweets and screenshots of the hilarious goofs included above.

On a more serious note

Business Insider reported on Zuckerberg’s Harvard commencement speech, noting that the Facebook founder had said if he gets through the speech, it would be the first time he actually finished something at Harvard. Zuckerberg, 33, was given an honorary doctorate degree, having dropped out of Harvard 12 years ago to create Facebook, leading him to become the world’s 5th richest man, owning a company valued at an enormous $447 billion.

Reflecting on his own success, Zuckerberg stressed during his speech that “change starts local,” adding that success such as his which ends up being global, always starts small with people like them.

The full Harvard University commencement speech by the now “Dr.” Mark Zuckerberg is included below (sans closed-captioning).