The far-right rival in the French election, Marine Le Pen, lost in a crushing defeat on Sunday to centrist Emmanuel Macron, by a margin of between 65.5 and 65.9 percent of the vote, reported Politico. This margin was wider than had been earlier projected and is another setback for the "Trump-style of populism." Mr, Macron is a political novice at the age of 39, making him modern France's youngest president.

Mr. Macron delivered a short speech in claiming a victory that came shortly after Ms. Le Pen's concession speech. Mr. Macron is a former investment banker and a minister of the economy.

He pledged to renew French public life from his campaign headquarters in Paris, stating he understood the anger and anxiety of the French people. He also promised to "protect the weakest" but also promised to defend France and its vital interests.

The United States was also interested in the French election

The United States interest in the election was enormous. The sitting President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, had essentially endorsed the right-wing Ms. Le Pen. The former President of the United States, Barack Obama, had endorsed Mr. Emmanuel Macron. The endorsement from Trump came in the form of a tweet and Obama recorded a video for Mr. Macron.

Former national security adviser Ben Rhodes slams Ms. Le Pen and Trump

Obama foreign policy adviser, Ben Rhodes, called it a blow to "far-right nationalism" and breaks the "Brexit-Trump wave." It was in 2016 that the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union and seem to almost immediately regret the vote.

The same happened in the United States with the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States. Mr. Rhoses went on a tweetstorm in support of Mr. Macron, but also on a wider view, the defeat of nationalism and Trumpism.

Following the landslide victory by Mr.

Macron, President Donald Trump congratulated the winner through a tweet and the White House released a statement wishing him well and "looking forward" to working with him. The White House statement vowed to continue "our close cooperation with the French government."

The loser in the election, Ms. Le Pen had strongly endorsed Trump and she believed that his win would be her win for the far-right National Front party in France. For his part. Mr. Macron is a strong advocate for remaining in the European Union. His opponent would surely have exited from the EU had she won, so the victory was for all of Europe.