President Trump's conflicts of interest have become more embedded and vast since he's taken office. Blasting News reported on a recent attempt by the State Department to post an "advertisement" for Trump's "winter White House," Mar-a-Lago, which they were forced to take down. The article points to other examples since he's taken office of blatant promotional tactics by the administration to sell Trump brand products and promote affiliates.

Trump brands in China

His new and friendly relationship with china should also be mentioned as its been reported that there's been some development with Trump real estate there and more recently, what appears to be an investment scheme through jared kushner's company.

The scheme is to solicit Chinese investors to invest in Kushner properties in order for them to secure an investor visa. It should be noted that on February 27, China's Trademark Office approved 38 new Trump trademarks which then-Candidate Trump applied for in July when he was going after China for being currency manipulators during his campaign.

Its been reported that the Chinese government approved Trump's construction brand trademark on Feb 14, after being bogged down in a 10-year legal battle. The approval appears to have been spurred by Trump's presidential aspirations. Its also been said that the approval for these trademarks moved faster than anyone who's had any experience with China's Trademark Office has ever seen.

The trademarks cover spas, hotels, resorts and other varieties similar to what Donald Trump was pitching in the United States throughout his career as a brander, such as wine, steaks and his university.

Luring Chinese investors to New Jersey property

The Washington Post reported that on Saturday, Jared Kushner's sister Nicole Kushner Meyer was in a Beijing ballroom at a Ritz-Carlton Hotel, winding her pitch with company representatives who were holding a presentation with slide shows which went on for several hours.

It was reported that investors were told that the sooner they invested in a New Jersey luxury apartment complex, the sooner they could take advantage of visa rules before they changed under the Trump administration.

The article said that a brochure for the event stated that investors could immigrate to the United States if they invested $500,000 dollars.

Being Jared's sister also wasn't a closely held secret because the article said that she was introduced as Jared Kushner's sister. The article also refers to another Washington Post piece which talks about Kushner's connections to China. It explains how a channel between Chinese officials and the White House through Jared Kushner was established right after Trump won the election. It also suggests that those in the administration or anyone who might want to confront Beijing on some issues could be prevented from doing so because of Jared essentially "hogging" the connection.

Its been widely reported that Jared as well as Donald Trump, have claimed to have "divested" from his businesses in order to be part of the White House staff for ethics reasons.

Watchdog groups are already on the attack over this news, even former White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter saying that it was both "stupid" and "highly inappropriate." One of Kushner's attorneys said that he divested himself from the New Jersey project and that he would be divesting from the visa program. Trump is expected to stay at the Trump National Gold Club in Bedminster, New Jersey (the same state as the mentioned properties) on weekends over the summer, since Mar-a-Lago will be closed.