On Monday, May 1, students at the University Of Texas were brutally harassed by a student named Kendrex J. White. The 21-year-old went on a stabbing spree at the Austin Campus on Monday afternoon. The incident led to the death of one and resulted in three people being injured.

What happened at the university?

The suspected stabber was seen carrying a Bowie knife and looked eerily composed. He seemed calm as he went on to stab people one by one. The situation created a panic among the students inside the campus.

The first alert was sent from the University of Texas at 2:15 p.m., exactly 30 minutes after the incident was reported to 911.

According to the Austin police, they reached the place right before 1:50 p.m. to help the university police. David Carter, the UTPD stated that an officer arrived at the spot in less than two minutes. After the police had ordered Kendrex to surrender, he seemed calm and not in any hurry to escape from the cops. A student stated that he saw White coming near her with the knife.

How many were killed and injured during the incident?

According to Carter, one of the students who was stabbed to death by Kendrex was a 19-year-old student named Harrison Brown. The school officials identified him in Graham, Texas. All the four who were stabbed were of 20 or 21.

Out of four, three were white men and one was an Asian-American man.

All the injured candidates were taken to the university’s medical center. The University of Texas canceled all the classes and other activities for the day.

Greg Fenves, the President of the University of Texas, stated that the impending fear is quite natural, especially with the increase of vandalism and threats received by the students.

The university has received several threats for promoting racism and rape. Many people present on the campus anticipated that the incident had some connection with it.

About the suspect

The suspect – identified as Kendrex J. White – was a student of the University. He was a junior at the University and was studying biology. Travis County record highlighted that Kendrex was arrested earlier in April for driving under the influence of alcohol.

One of the students named who knew the suspect stated that he was quite friendly and was never arrogant or hot headed. Another student stated that Kendrex had been missing classes lately. However, Kendrex is under the custody of the Texas police department. His motive remains unknown.